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Route cards

Highland Perthshire boasts an amazing network of paths and rights of way, for cycling and mountain biking.  The classic mountain bike route through Glen Tilt can be found in the Blair Atholl section.  Every area has a 'classic' route, explore your own or ask at the local bike shop. Enjoy our fantastic countryside responsibly by following this sensible advice.

Use the drop down menu above to find a wealth of routes in the area for all abilities.



We love riding these routes and to keep our good relationship with local landowners and other path users we ask you to follow the advice below:
• Let other path users know you are coming as early as possible.  
• Please watch your speed especially on blind corners and dips.
• Please take extra care near wildlife and leave the environment as you find it.
• Help land managers and others to work safely and effectively.
• The route description and quality of path may change over time so please remain flexible with your plans and be ready to use alternative routes.
• Check the weather forecast and ensure you have all the equipment you need for your route.


Test out your knowledge with the 'Do the ride thing' game.


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