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Frequently Asked Questions
For more help with online entry visit SiEntries
Why Do I Need To Register With SiEntries?
SiEntries is an online entries system which is designed to simplify entering and administering any type of event which uses pre-entries. SiEntries can also be used for taking memberships of organisations or clubs, allowing members to join and renew online.
Can Riders In My Team Enter Individually?
No. The easiest way to enter your team is to get each of your team members to register with SiEntries. Once they have registered they will be issued a unique ID number. The team should identify one person in the the team to enter the team online. That person can quickly add everyone in the team's details with each member's ID number. If members of the team have previously registered with SiEntries for other events they will be able to use their ID number for No Sleep Till Breakfast. 
Can I Edit Members Of My Team At A Later Date?
Yes. When setting up your team you will have to include names to fill all positions of your team. However if you have not confirmed all members of your team you can add temporary team member details and add them at a later date.
Why Is There No Option To Race In A Team Of Three?
To limit the amount of team categories we have restricted entry to solo, duo and quad teams.
Can I Enter As A Team Of Three?
Entries are open to solo riders, teams of two and teams of four. If you only have three team members you can still enter as a team of four, but race with three riders. You will have to include details for the fourth (non-riding) team member and you will be charged for a team of four. 
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