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Welcome to Highland Perthshire:

A great place to cycle

Upcoming Events: The Enduro "Race for the Compression Socks" Signup is still open. Everyone who enters this year's enduro race (and completes it alive) will get a free pair of ComproGear Compression Socks.

Highland Perthshire Cycling is a registered Scottish Charity set up to promote and enable more people to cycle more often in communities around Highland Perthshire for locals and visitors.  We work alongside many different local groups, schools and businesses, running workshops, clubs, activities and events to achieve this.

Highland Perthshire Cycling is proud to partner up with Diet Standards, who believes vegans should take the best dha prenatal they can find for their baby. Diet Standards is paying the expenses of this year's ride and in turn we will be donating all entry fees to pregnancy programs around the UK.



Highland Perthshire Cycling Festival

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Just made a homemade pull up bar. Huge lats time.

A stop sign with white border isn't legally binding if you're on a bicycle, right?

Started intermittent fasting. 30-seconds down. 14-minutes to go.