Highland Perthshire Cycling

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Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2014 Highland Perthshire Cycling Marathon.
A full list of overall results are available here: Results
Category results as follows.
Veteran Male Half Marathon
1st - Kevin Webster
2nd - Simon Yearsley
3rd - John Philips
Veteran Female Half Marathon
1st - Siobhan Johnston
2nd - Gillian Donaldson
3rd - Karen Graham
Senior Male Half Marathon
1st - Jamie Stewart
Senior Female Half Marathon
1st - Sally Newman Carter
2nd- Victoria Martin
3rd Katy Fraser
Junior Male Half Marathon
1st - Edward Yearsley
2nd - Joe Johnston
3rd - Greg Whitman
Junior Female Half Marathon
1st - Dervla Struthers
2nd - Victoria Martin
3rd - Beth Kirkland
Veteran Male Full Marathon
1st - Innes Smith
2nd - Alan Clark
3rd - Colin Sturrock
Veteran Female Full Marathon
1st - Corrine Menzies
2nd - Kathleen Campbell
3rd - Karen Sinclair
Senior Male Full Marathon
1st - Lewis Summers
2nd - Franny McGrath
3rd - Malcolm McIver
Senior Female Full Marathon
1st - Donna Bar
2nd - Emma Turnbull
3rd - Gael Roy

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The Highland Perthshire Killer Climbs

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, cyclists like hills; the longer and steeper they are the more they draw a road cyclist to them like a moth to a flame. Perhaps it is the challenge of defying gravity, or perhaps it is just that we are a masochistic bunch. Riders will travel across the world to find the longest, the steepest and the toughest, but in Scotland we have a multitude of challenging climbs and Highland Perthshire has its fair share. Within the boundary that forms Highland Perthshire there are 7 major climbs, each of which has two or more ascents giving a total of 15 major climbs ranging from the very steep 3km long grind in Glen Quaich to a more alpine-like alpine 10km on Ben Lawers (if ridden from Killin). The intrepid cyclist linking each of these climb will find a multitude of relatively traffic free roads, including many more smaller but just as challenging climbs, and be able to link these into a fantastic day’s riding.


The climbs:

  • Griffin Forest - one ascent
    • Glen Quaich - two ascents
    • Schiehallion - three ascents
    • Moulin Moor - two ascents
    • Ben Lawers - two ascents
    • Trinafour - three ascents
    • Dalnacardoch - two ascents


    Scot Tares cycling up from Amulree up Glen Quaich COPYRIGHT Richard Cross Photography





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    If you like riding your bike and are aged 14 or under then join us for some fun bike races in the forest. These races are designed for maximum fun factor. Don't worry if you've never raced your bike before. This is the place to start. Enter below.10734232 304285679771242 1171612360603566809 n

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    Dunkeld Enduro 2014


    A huge thank you to everyone who took part, the countless volunteers that made the event possible, the communities of Dunkeld and Birnam andour event sponsors.


    Preparation is already underway for the 2015 Dunkeld Enduro. Pre-entries for 2014 competitiors will go on sale on 1st September 2014 at a reduced rate. Full entries will go on sale on 1st October 2014


    Visit Dave Cameron Photography for photos from the 2014 and 2013 Dunkeld Enduros


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