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Mountain Biking in Highland Perthshire
Highland Perthshire is a stunning location for any kind of cycling trip, but for those who love some off-road fun the area is blessed with hundreds of miles of forest trails. 

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Join the Strava Community in Highland Perthshire
Highland Perthshire has some of the best on and off-road cycling routes in the UK. If you are looking for big road climbs, swooping singletrack, downhill thrills and much more besides then you will find it all in Highland Perthshire.
Join us at the Highland Perthshire Cycling Club on Strava and become part of the community, posting your own routes, challenges and times and keep up to date with what everyone else is doing.Schiehallion

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Road Cycling in Highland Perthshire
Highland Perthshire is the home of the Etape Caledonia, a road cycling sportive that attracts over 5000 cyclists to the area every year. However the Etape is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg and for those wanting to experience some of the best road cycling in Europe, then Highland Perthshire is the place for you to come.
Highland Perthshire has everything the road cyclist is looking for.

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Why should I commute to work by bike?
  • You may be thinking, "I can't cycle", "I live too far from work", I'm too old", "I'm unfit", or anyone of a number of other reasons of why you aren't cycling to work.  At Highland Perthshire Cycling we are keen to give you all the support, help and guidance to get you on your bike and cycling to work.  Regular exercise helps people feel better and studies show that those cycling to work have fewer days absence and are more productive.  Cycling can help increase your life expectancy by over two years and give you the general fitness and health of someone ten years younger.

•   Cycling means a less polluted journey
•   Cycling helps you lose weight
•   Cycling saves you money
•   Cycling is quicker and offers more flexibility
•   Cycling is fun and cool


To get FREE cycling lessons, advice on route or bike choice or other transport modes and lift share drop us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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