Highland Perthshire Cycling

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The Highland Perthshire Killer Climbs

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, cyclists like hills; the longer and steeper they are the more they draw a road cyclist to them like a moth to a flame. Perhaps it is the challenge of defying gravity, or perhaps it is just that we are a masochistic bunch. Riders will travel across the world to find the longest, the steepest and the toughest, but in Scotland we have a multitude of challenging climbs and Highland Perthshire has its fair share. Within the boundary that forms Highland Perthshire there are 7 major climbs, each of which has two or more ascents giving a total of 15 major climbs ranging from the very steep 3km long grind in Glen Quaich to a more alpine-like alpine 10km on Ben Lawers (if ridden from Killin). The intrepid cyclist linking each of these climb will find a multitude of relatively traffic free roads, including many more smaller but just as challenging climbs, and be able to link these into a fantastic day’s riding.


The climbs:

  • Griffin Forest - one ascent
    • Glen Quaich - two ascents
    • Schiehallion - three ascents
    • Moulin Moor - two ascents
    • Ben Lawers - two ascents
    • Trinafour - three ascents
    • Dalnacardoch - two ascents


    Scot Tares cycling up from Amulree up Glen Quaich COPYRIGHT Richard Cross Photography